The live show


Lior has travelled the world with his highly successful show, 'Supernatural Entertainment' where he performs extraordinary displays of telepathy and telekinesis as part of an all-round entertaining performance. His act not only builds on drama and astonishment but includes a huge element of warm humor, fun and audience participation. He guesses the names of audience member's first loves, performs mind-boggling card tricks and influences audience members to move without even touching them.


Lior's excellent ability to draw out the comedy of each act makes his audience instantly warm to him. Once audience member said, "It's not just the mind-reading that blows you away, but he just has a way of connecting with the audience that makes him instantly loveable." Lior circulates among the audience and performs close-up shows using personal belongings to demonstrate feats that defy explanation and occur right beneath their eyes. Cards become airborne, wristwatches stop and then start working again and articles vanish only to reappear again. By performing in such an intimate way with his audience members, he ensures a personally tailored and interactive experience that leaves his audience members truly buzzing with awe, as one audience member testified, "What I just saw defies any kind of human explanation – incredible!"

Whatever the nature of his performance, Lior provides a truly thrilling and unforgettable show.

Brilliant! I don’t know how you do it but it’s an amazing show

- Tony Blair

You might know your own mind. But I know it better.

- Lior Suchard



Lior Suchard has performed all over the world and entertained audiences across 5 continents. As well has performing his live show Supernatural Entertainment, he and regularly appears on international TV shows, performs at top business conferences and trade shows or dazzles celebrities, politicians and friends alike with more intimate, private appearances.